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Myers Center working papers and project reports are published in the eScholarship Repository of the California Digital Library and are available for free download.

Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues & Native American Student Development. (2021). The University of California Land Grab: A Legacy of Profit from Indigenous Land—A Report of Key Learnings and Recommendations. University of California, Berkeley.

Fanshel, Rosalie Z. (2021). The Morrill Act as Racial Contract: Settler Colonialism and U.S. Higher Education

Fanshel, Rosalie Z. (2021). The Land in Land-grant: Unearthing Indigenous Dispossession in the Founding of the University of California. 

Painter, Fantasia (2019). “Made for Your Benefit”: Prohibition, Protection, and Refusal on Tohono O’odham, 1912-1933

Lindeblad-Fry, Mary M. (2019). Rez-onomics: A Cross Comparative Analysis of Tribal Economic Performance.  

Smith, Jen (2017). ‘Things are on a new scale, the standard one brings with him will not hold’: Land and Race in Edward Curtis’ Landscape Photography of the Harriman Alaska Expedition of 1899

Keliiaa, Caitlin (2017). Unsettling Domesticity: Native Women Challenging U.S. Indian Policy in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1911-1931  

Wong, Thomas and Christine Trost (2013).  Deadly Roads: An Analysis of Traffic Safety In or Near Indian Country in Humboldt County

Huerta Niño, Ricardo (2013). The Power and Promise of Culture in Economic Development: Drawing on Language for Healing, Nation Building, Sovereignty, and Development Practices in the Hoopa Nation

Graybeal, Pam Mei Wai (2013). Municipal Parks: An Environmental Justice Analysis of Conditions and Use in the San Francisco East Bay

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